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Almoner's Fund

As you know we all took an obligation to take care of our Brothers and in many cases we haven't done a very good job.  In these difficult economic times many of our Brothers really need our assistance.

Commander McNaughton recognized that as Masons we need to live up to our obligations   and make funding available to those truly in need.  Through the Blue Envelope Appeal, the Supreme Council Almoners Fund has given more than $100,000 to Brother Masons in need, particularly those affected by the recent floods and tornadoes.                   

Scottish Rite Masons are committed to making a difference in the lives of our Brothers. If any in the Fraternity doubt the direction of where we are going…read on about the help extended to members of the Craft during the recent floods in Illinois.

Dear Brother McNaughton,

This letter is to express the most sincere gratitude and thanks to you and the Supreme Council of the Scottish Rite for your unfettered generosity to me and my family in our recovery from the catastrophic flood of 2011.

Words are simply deficient to express our appreciation to anyone and everyone involved in the decision to assist us in one of our darkest hours.

It is in times like these that we pause to comprehend the gravity of our brotherhood. Be assured that the charitable financial assistance from the Scottish Rite will be put to the best use in our continuing effort to restore our home and lives to some semblance of normalcy.

For this as well as all right and honorable reasons, I will strive to be a better mason. We will never, ever forget and are eternally thankful.


Thank you so much for coming to my rescue.  I have used the money to help rebuild my home and my life.

After both the flood and the fire it was one of the lowest days of my life until you all arrived.  My spirits went from the lowest to the highest in a matter of hours.

Words cannot express our appreciation for all you have done.

 If you know of a Brother Mason in true need, please contact your Active Member or Deputy.  We will be there to help, should the need arise.

Scottish Rite ~ The Fraternity that Cares!