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Awards and Medals

Gourgas Medal
The most distinguished honor conferred by this Supreme Council is the “Gourgas Medal’’ named in honor of Ill. John James Joseph Gourgas, 33°, the Founder of this Supreme Council, an outstanding leader known to the Craft as the “Conservator of the Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry.’’ This Medal may be conferred by the Supreme Council, (or by the Sovereign Grand Commander) upon a member of our Jurisdiction, or of any other Jurisdiction with which we are in amity, in recognition of notably distinguished service in the cause of Freemasonry, country or humanity.

Medal of Honor
The Medal of Honor may be conferred by the Supreme Council or by the Sovereign Grand Commander upon any person, whether or not a member of our jurisdiction or a member of any Body of the Rite, in recognition of distinguished service to Freemasonry, country, or humanity.

Medal for Masonic Service
The Medal for Masonic Service may be conferred by the Supreme Council or by the Sovereign Grand Commander upon any Master Mason, whether or not a member of this jurisdiction, who fully embodies the tenets of the Masonic fraternity, based on the recommendation of three of his peers in his locality.  The Sovereign Grand Commander shall provide nomination forms upon request and establish such timetables for award ceremony’s as he deems advisable.
Nominations must come through the Active Membership.

Sovereign Grand Commander's Medal for Distinguished Service
The Sovereign Grand Commander may, at his discretion, ­bestow his personal award upon a deserving Masonic or Scottish Rite Brother whom he considers to have rendered outstanding distinguished and exemplary service to the Masonic fraternity at large. The recipient of this prestigious award must have demonstrated such service to the ­Scottish Rite not often witnessed among the general membership.

Meritorious Service Award
There shall be an award known as the “Meritorious Service Award’’ which may be conferred upon members of the Rite in this Jurisdiction who have attained the 32° and who by reason of meritorious service of a Masonic character are deemed worthy of such recognition.
The following policy shall be pursued by Councils of Deliberation relative to selecting those who are to receive such awards and in presenting the awards to those selected.

(a) The presiding officers of the Bodies of the Rite in the State
shall present recommendations in writing to the Councils of Deliberation, nominating the member or members of their Bodies whom they feel should receive the award.

(b) The Council of Deliberation shall refer the nominations to
a committee for a review and report with recommendations. The selection of members to receive the award shall be made by the Council of Deliberation from among those recommended by the committee to receive it.

(c) The presentation of the award shall be made by the Illustrious Deputy or someone designated by him, and such presentation shall be made either in a meeting of a Body of which the recipient is a member or at a meeting of the Council of Deliberation, or as the Illustrious Deputy may determine.

(d) The awards in any State in any one year shall not exceed the
number of Bodies in the State, and nominations hereafter shall be so limited that no Valley shall have more than one holder of such award per seventy-five members in its Lodge of Perfection; provided, however, that if in any one year a Valley would be prevented by such limitation from having a member eligible to receive the award, the Presiding Officers of such Valley may present one nomination to the Council of Deliberation which may confer the award on the member so nominated, even though it exceeds the above limitation. Such number of awards may be reduced by the Council of Deliberation, but may not be increased.