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Application for the Degrees

To apply online to become a Scottish Rite Freemason, Northern Masonic Jurisdiction, USA, click here. Your application will be forwarded to the Valley nearest your home unless you specify otherwise.

Why Become Scottish Rite?

"Wherever Freemasonry flourishes there will be found the highest type of citizenship and the best standard of living.” - Albert Pike, 33°

Although there is no higher degree than that of a Master Mason, the 29 degrees of the Scottish Rite serve to enrich the philosophy of the Symbolic Lodge. A Mason who chooses to further his Masonic experience by becoming a 32° Scottish Rite Mason will be expanding upon the fundamental principles of Freemasonry.

In the Scottish Rite, you will indeed find an untold wealth of knowledge. It will teach you more about Masonry. It will answer some of the questions raised in the blue lodge degrees. It is a sort of “graduate course” in Masonic teachings. In fact, it aids, supplements and reinforces the blue lodge in every way. As organizations, these bodies are mutually dependent because they strengthen each other.

By joining Scottish Rite, you have an opportunity to expand upon your knowledge of Freemasonry, to widen your circle of friends, and to serve humanity in unique ways.

How to Join Scottish Rite

How can I join? Do I have to be invited?

Freemasonry is a fraternity whose membership must be sought by the candidate. So, in other words, to be a Mason, ask a Mason how to become a member.

To become a Scottish Rite Mason, you must first be a Master Mason. You may approach a 32° Scottish Rite Mason to take the next step in joining the Scottish Rite.


You can also visit where you can order a free DVD presentation.