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Supreme Council

The Supreme Council, 33°, for the Northern Masonic Jurisdiction is the governing body for Scottish Rite Freemasonry. With its headquarters in Lexington, Massachusetts, the Supreme Council is a board of directors comprised of some fifty 33° Masons, called "Active Members." The chief executive officer's title is Sovereign Grand Commander.

Each of the 15 states within the Northern Masonic Jurisdiction has an Active Member designated as a "Deputy," who is the executive officer for the Rite within his state. He is supported by the remaining Active Members of the state. There is at least one Active Member in addition to the Deputy in each state. Some states have as many as five Active Members. The purposes of the Supreme Council are clearly defined in its Declaration of Principles.

The Northern Masonic Jurisdiction oversees the bodies in 15 states: Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Indiana, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey, New Hampshire, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Wisconsin and Vermont. In the Northern Jurisdiction the Supreme Council consists of no more than 66 members.

The Supreme Council meets on an annual basis, at which time the business of the Rite is transacted and the 33° is conferred on those who have been elected to receive this honor. From a membership of more than 200,000 32° Masons, less than 3,500 have been elevated to the 33°, for which they have been given the title of "Honorary Member." Within each state are local Valleys, where degrees from the 4° - 32° are conferred.

Location of our headquarters:
33 Marrett Road (Rte 2A)
Lexington, Massachusetts

Our mailing address is:
Supreme Council, 33°
Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite
Northern Masonic Jurisdiction
P.O. Box 519
Lexington, MA 02420-0519
Our telephone number is:
Phone: (781) 862-4410
FAX: (781) 863-1833

Sovereign Grand Commander

John William McNaughton first knelt at the altar of Masonry in 1974 at Maumee Lodge, No.725, in Fort Wayne, IN. The following year he became a Sublime Prince of the Royal Secret, 32°, in the Valley of Fort Wayne.  He is also a member of Mizpah Shrine and Fort Wayne Commandery, No. 4.  Brother McNaughton served as Worshipful Master of Maumee Lodge in 1992 and then as Thrice Potent Master of the Fort Wayne Lodge of Perfection in 1996.   He was Coroneted a 33° Mason in 1997, and elected an Active Member of the Supreme Council in 1998.  In 2006, at the Annual Session of the Supreme Council in Chicago, Illustrious Brother McNaughton was elected and installed Sovereign Grand Commander.

A lifelong resident of Fort Wayne, Indiana, Commander McNaughton attended Indiana University Bloomington where he earned a degree in forensic science and later became a detective with the Fort Wayne Police Department.  Leaving the department in 1983, he joined his father at All Rite Distributing Co. Inc.

He served as president of the Fort Wayne Rotary club and has held various board positions with Trinity Presbyterian Church.

A devoted family man, Commander McNaughton and his lady Judy have two children and four grandchildren.


Ill. John Wm. McNaughton, 33° Sovereign Grand Commander
Ill. Robert O. Ralston, 33° Past Sovereign Grand Commander
Ill. Peter J. Samiec, 33° Grand Lieutenant Commander
Ill. Robert F. Ogg Jr., 33° Grand Minister of State
Ill. David A. Glattly, 33° Deputy for New Jersey
Ill. Robert F. Ogg Jr., 33° Deputy for Rhode Island
Ill. Eric Ginette, 33° Deputy for Vermont
Ill. David R. Bedwell Sr., 33° Deputy for Michigan
Ill. Gail N. Kemp, 33° Deputy for Indiana
Ill. James T. Elliott Jr, 33° Deputy for Delaware
Ill. William R. Powers, 33° Deputy for Ohio
Ill. Russell W. Baker, 33° Deputy for Pennsylvania
Ill. Benny L. Grisham, 33° Deputy for Illinois
Ill. Donald M. Moran, 33° Deputy for Massachusetts 
Ill. Alan R. Heath, 33° Deputy for Maine 
Ill. Mark C. Roth, 33° Deputy for New Hampshire 
Ill. David P. Spencer, 33° Deputy for New York 
Ill. Michael A. DeWolf, 33°  Deputy for Wisconsin 
Ill. Bruce T. Work, 33°  Deputy for Connecticut 
Ill. Richard W. Elliot, 33° Grand Treasurer General
Ill. James L. Tungate, 33° Grand Secretary General
Ill. Michael A. DeWolf, 33° Grand Keeper of the Archives
Ill. Eric Ginette, 33°  Grand Historian 
Ill. Stephen R. Whittaker, 33° Grand Master General of Ceremonies
Ill. Keith Hoskins, 33° Grand Marshall General
Ill. William J. Dover, 33° Grand Captain General
Ill. David P. Spencer, 33° Grand Standard Bearer
Ill. David L. Sharkis, 33° Grand Sword Bearer
Ill. Russell W. Baker, 33° Grand Almoner
Ill. Karl D. Schimpf, 33° Grand Prior
Ill. William D. Hartman, 33° Associate Grand Prior
Ill. Robert S. Finley, 33° Grand Marshal of the Camp
Ill. Glenn T. Visscher, 33° Grand Marshal of the Camp
Ill. William T. Costello Jr., 33°  Grand Marshal of the Camp
Ill. Dale T. Irwin, 33° Grand Marshal of the Camp
Ill. Arthur A. Loveless, 33° Grand Marshal of the Camp
Ill. John W. Hanson, 33° Grand Seneschal
Ill. Wayne A. Pease, 33° Assistant Grand Seneschal
Ill. Richard B. Burgess, 33° Grand Chancellor